Heating & Plumbing 
07500 535 635 

For gas escapes, suspected gas escapes and major water escapes call 07500 535635 AT ANY TIME



GAS: If there is a strong smell of gas LEAVE THE BUILDING leaving doors open behind you and call 07500 535635 and/or contact your gas supplier


         Do not operate any electrical equipment in the building - including phones - Turn gas off at meter if safe to do so


          Smell gas but not strongly: Turn off gas at meter and/or gas supply valve (if in a flat).  Open windows and doors. Call 07500 535635 and/or your gas supplier



CARBON MONOXIDE (CO): Always fit a carbon monoxide detector (in the right location). Carbon monoxide is odourless, tasteless and is a killer


          If you suspect CO poisoning - nausea, sickness, headaches - LEAVE THE BUILDING.  Do not spend time looking for possible causes - Seek medical attention immediately



FIRE: Leave the building and call 999



WATER: Call 07500 535635.  If major water escape is at night also call 07500 545635 but please use discretion; if leak can be contained call at 07.00 hrs instead


           Often, turning off water at stop cock or water meter will stop or stem a leak - Get plenty of towels and other absorbent material onto the leak



Advice Links:     http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/advice.aspx        http://www.oftec.org.uk/consumers/consumer-home-guides